What kind and type of bra should I choose?

What kind and type of bra should I choose?

When browsing through the types of bras, you can find many unique models. There is a reason why they differ in cuts or solutions. After all, you can wear a different type of bra with a dress with bare back and shoulders, or to work or the gym. It also all depends on your own preferences, taste and expectations! So what are the types of bras and what can you choose between?

Bralette - cups with delightful cut

When talking about the types of bras, it is impossible not to mention bralettes. Hearing this name, many women have a lace top with cups cut out in the shape of triangles in front of their eyes. Of course, you can also find bralettes made of decorative embroidery, smooth material and even tulle. This type of triangle bras are very comfortable to wear, which is why ladies are happy to reach for them in the summer. This type of bras is dedicated to women with small and medium breasts.  

Push-up bras - the perfect way to expose your bust

The types of bra cups vary, but almost every bra can be enriched with push-ups. This women's underwear is liked by the owners of medium and small breasts. Its secret lies in special inserts that are located at the bottom of the cup - they can be sewn in permanently or in a special pocket from which they can be removed.
Push-up bras can visually enlarge the bust by up to a size or two! Their cups are also shaped in such a way as to collect the bust inside and lift it effectively. Effect? Phenomenally exposed breasts.  

Balconette - fall in love with this phenomenal cut

Balconette bras are types of bras for women who like to wear dresses with bare shoulders and deep necklines. This model is characterized by a cup cut at the top and the possibility of wearing it without straps! In addition, this bra significantly raises the breasts, making them appear fuller.

Self-supporting bras - a hit of recent years

Self-supporting bras are very distinctive. Unlike traditional types of bras, they do not have a belt that runs along the length of the body under the bust, and no straps. However, this does not mean that they do not provide adequate support - quite the contrary! Self-adhesive cups fit perfectly to the breasts, collect them inside and lift them up. The size is very important here - it cannot be too big or too small - as well as proper care of the underwear. After each use, it should be thoroughly washed and dried. These types of strapless bras should also be applied to clean and dry skin.   

Sports bras - just right for the gym and while running

When describing the types of bras, you cannot omit those for special tasks. Sports bras - because we are talking about them - are available in various sizes. They are made of airy and flexible materials. They do not compress the breasts, but also absorb the shocks faced by women during training. 

Underwired bras and non-wired models

Both underwired bras and non-wired bras are alternately chosen by women. Models with so-called "wires" usually accompany you at work and during everyday activities . They neatly shape the bust and provide it with adequate support - however, after a whole day of wearing it, I can make itself felt. This is where non-wired bras come in handy - delicate and comfortable. These two types of bras form an inseparable duo and often complement each other.   

Seamless bras - comfortable and imperceptible

Types of bras can surprise you, which is certainly confirmed by seamless bras , thanks to which the bust looks perfectly smooth, even under a thin blouse or T-shirt. The secret of this bra is in its cups. They are not made of a few scraps of material. They are thermally modeled, thanks to which they spontaneously adapt to the curves of the body. They are also filled with a sponge that does not stand out under clothes.

Lace bras

The last, but very popular type of bras are lace bras. Extremely subtle, sophisticated and feminine - this is how you can describe them in a few words. Delicate patterns look beautiful on the skin and on the cup. Ladies like to wear lace bras for special occasions and to make them feel special. They are available in many models, including those mentioned in this article. 

All women reach for this type of bras - regardless of their age and breast size. Plus- sized bras also feature lace accents . They can be located both on the edges of the linen and on the cup itself.  If you want to create a seductive set, it is also worth choosing a bra that matches the design of the panties The surefire wow effect! 

You already know what types of bras are. As a Pelie purchasing platform, we want to meet the needs of all our customers. That is why all the above-mentioned types of bras are available in our offer, which includes fashionable proposals in a wide range of colors.