How to choose a corset? What to look for when choosing?

How to choose a corset? What to look for when choosing?

How to choose a corset to suit the figure and occasion? Improperly selected, it arranges badly, restricts movement, and may even be painful when worn. It also does not emphasize the waist, which is its main task. In the article, we will suggest how to choose the size of a corset so that it perfectly fulfills its role.

Types of corsets - which corset for what occasion?

Women's corsets come in all shapes, lengths, finishes and purpose. We can distinguish three basic models that give the figure the shape of an hourglass:

  • overbust, or corsets that cover the bust. Their task is to flatten the abdomen, lift and model the breasts, stiffen the back and slim the figure;
  • underbust, i.e. corsets that end below the bust line. In addition to flattening the belly and stiffening the figure, its task is to lift the bust up, which makes it seem much fuller and larger;
  • midbust, or corsets that reach mid-bust. Their upper edge is heart-shaped or straight.

Overbust and underbust corsets can be divided according to the length into:

  • classic, medium length covering the abdomen and part of the hips, reducing imperfections;
  • longline with an elongated hemline, reaching below the hips, which hide all imperfections under it. Recommended for tall ladies;
  • high hips with an elongated side line ending below the hip;
  • short ending above the hips, perfect for short and slim women;
  • waspie, that is - short corsets shaping only the waist;
  • waist cincher, a type of waspie, but slightly longer than the waist cincher, reaching above the hip bones and ending below the lower edge of the bust. 

Decorative corsets

Decorative corsets have the most designs and types. They are made of various fabrics, such as silk or velvet, and materials with additional decorations. A decorative corset for special occasions is designed to add style and impress the recipients. It can be both an elegant embroidered overbust and a predatory gothic leather corset.

Corsets every day

Every day women's corsets can have different tasks . The most common is an elastic corset, which can have two functions: 

  • corrective, reducing the waist by up to 15 cm, which is regularly worn 4-5 hours a day;
  • modeling, it is used for slimming and exposing the figure and breasts.

The main task of these corsets is to correct the figure.

Corsets for special occasions

This category includes women's formal corsets, which are used during ceremonial going out to parties, balls or social gatherings. Tucked under dresses or other evening outfits, they slim and flatten the stomach, emphasize the bust and hips. Elegant evening black corset can also appear as an outer garment.

How to choose a corset for a specific figure?

How to choose a corset so that it fits well, does not cause difficulties in moving and emphasizes the strengths of the figure? Knowing your type of build and the types of corsets, you can do it without any problems. The most common known silhouettes are:

  • pear - with narrower shoulders and wider hips. Here, for example, a longline underbust will be appropriate;
  • apple - no waistline with large breasts and wide hips (e.g. longline underbust or overbust);
  • hourglass - with a low waist and wide hips and shoulders (e.g. classic overbust, underbust or midbust).

If you are in doubt about how to choose a corset for your figure, you can ask an adviser in the store for advice.

Corset size - how to measure yourself to find the perfect size?

How to choose the first corset to fulfill the task we set for it? Regardless of whether it is to be a casual, evening or decorative corset, we need the right size to buy it. Here's how to get a measuring cup properly.

  1. Stand upright and use the tape measure 1 cm below the bust line and work your way down the middle of your abdomen.
  2. Lead the centimeter along the navel and finish on the line of the abdominal fold. Depending on the type of corset you want to choose, you will determine its ideal length:
  • long corset under the bust - length from 33 to 35 cm;
  • short corset under the bust - length from 24 to 26 cm;
  • classic corset under the bust - length from 28 to 30 cm.
  1. Add only the size to the corset length by measuring the current waist circumference, that is the belly in the narrowest place, and select the appropriate size from the size table in a given store.

Remember that women's corsets are adjustable by tightening and lacing, so if you fit between two sizes, choose the smaller one. 


You can see how many models and types of women's corsets are available, but their main task is always to emphasize the value of the figure and hide imperfections. After reading the article, you already know how to choose a corset to your figure and choose the right sizes. On the Pelie sales platform , you will find women's lingerie online with many types of corsets. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.