How to choose a bra?

How to choose a bra?

Many women wonder how to choose a bra so that it not only fulfills its role in an exemplary manner, but also that it is comfortable during everyday wear. What exactly does bra size mean? What do you need to pay attention to in particular when measuring? Also, what is the best bra to choose based on your breast size? We will answer these questions in the following article.

How to choose the right bra?

There are several very important aspects of how to choose the bra size. Every woman who wants to enjoy a perfectly fitted bra must know how to measure herself correctly in the bust and under the bust. They should also be aware of exactly what the numbers and letters that manufacturers put on their tags mean , what to avoid and where to focus their attention. Contrary to appearances, the complete set of information on how to choose a bra is not complicated at all and it is easy to remember. In this case, it is worth starting with the basics.

What does bra size mean?

To know how to choose the size of a bra, you need to smoothly navigate through the markings that manufacturers put on the tags. These are:

  • number - it indicates the size under the bust,
  • letter - it determines the size of the cup. 

Bra size focuses on these two parameters that should be looked at as a whole - never individually! Few women realize that the size of the cup depends on the circumference under the breasts. This means that we are dealing, for example, with different sizes of cups: 75C, 80C or 90C. Now that we know it, how to choose a bra? First, determine the size under the bust.

How well to measure the circumference under the bust?

The circumference under the bust has a key influence on how to choose the size of the bra. You should therefore take a tape measure in your hand and start measuring accurately. There are a few things you need to pay attention to when doing this:

  • the measurement should be taken from the circumference just below the bust - during this operation, make sure that the centimeter is at the same level both in front and behind the body,
  • you should firmly but not exaggerate when measuring yourself. This is extremely important as the fabric around the bodice should stay firmly on the body. After all, it cannot tuck up behind the neck while moving,
  • when taking the size off, breathe freely and do not breathe in fully,
  • The obtained result should be rounded down - you have to remember that the bra strap is flexible and the measuring tape used for measuring is not.

How to choose the right bra in terms of circumference? After adjusting the straps, it should not come up on the back or fall in the front under the breasts. If the bra strap forms a bow at the back, it means that it is wrongly chosen.

How to measure yourself well in the breasts?

Women - regardless of age - wanting to present themselves beautifully in everyday outfits, should know perfectly well how to choose a bra that will beautifully shape the bust and provide it with adequate support.

If you already have the size of the circumference under the bust, you can start measuring the circumference of the bust. To do this, you need to take a centimeter again, and then drag it in such a way that it is at the top of the breast at the front and at the same level at the back. In order for the measurement to be performed correctly, remember to:

  • do not squeeze when measuring,
  • take the measurement on the naked body. Women who, under the influence of years and experiences (e.g. pregnancy), have drooping busts, can wear a soft bra, adjusted at the right height.

How to choose a bra size?

You already know what the size of a bra means, you know your circumference under the bust and the circumference in the breasts. At this point, you can start choosing the right bra. To know which sizes to move between, translate your results into size charts . However, you should always be vigilant, because:

  • each manufacturer of underwear, Polish or foreign, may operate a different size table,
  • the size read in the table is only a hint of where to start your search. So how to choose a bra? By measuring bras with sizes close to the result achieved.

How to measure the circumference under the breasts is one thing, and the individual anatomy of the female body is another. Even if the bra fits perfectly on the body and fulfills all its functions, due to its cut it may not meet the expectations of the woman who wears it. You should be prepared for it and be patient. You already know how to choose a bra cup - now it's worth taking a look at their types.

Types of bras

Having complete information on how to choose the right bra is the first step to getting the perfect bra.  All that's left is to choose the right cut.  Currently, underwear manufacturers have tried many styles, so there is a lot to choose from. So how to choose a bra to make it work in specific situations? It is worth looking at the construction of the basic models of bras.

Underwired bras

How to choose a bra so that it provides adequate support for the breasts? When it comes to modeling and stable breast support, underwired bras are second to none. The so-called wires - most often metal, but there are also plastic ones - are sewn into the lower part of the cup. They, as well as the waist of the bra, bear the weight of the breasts. This solution allows you to relieve the shoulders. The bra size should be carefully selected so that the underwires do not cause pressure on the breasts.

Stiffened and half-padded bras

Knowing how to choose a bra, it is worth getting to know the different styles of bras to find the ones that will be the most comfortable for you. The following models are very popular:

  • stiffened - without a doubt, this type of bra gives the breasts a full shape. In the case of this model, the cup is made of a stiffened material,
  • semi-stiffened ones - as their name suggests, semi-stiffened ones have a stiffened (with a sponge or special foam) bottom part of the cup . Their top is usually finished with a subtle mesh or embroidery.

Seamless bras for every styling

How to choose a bra for delicate blouses so that it does not stand out on their surface? You should choose a seamless model, the cup of which - thanks to modern technology - is formed under the influence of temperature. In the case of this model, you can forget about unnecessary stitching.

Popular push-up bras

The main task of push-up bras is to form and lift the breasts. This type of women's bras have special inserts at the bottom of the cup. They can be made of sponge and foam . There are also inserts with silicone gel.

Basic mistakes in choosing a bra

Knowing how to choose the type of bra, it is also worth being aware of the errors that may arise while searching for the perfect model. They are very important because they provide a lot of information that can and must be used. People who do not know how to choose a bra often face:

  • with a bra belt that tucks on the back and creates a characteristic arch - it is a signal that the circumference under the bust was wrongly calculated, which makes the belt too loose, 
  • with a cup that is too small - squeezed breasts never look good. If they do not fit into the cups, they begin to "run away", creating unsightly bulges over the line of the cup, under the armpit and even under the bra,
  • with underwires protruding from the sternum, which, when properly sized, should adhere to the body,
  • with too large cups that do not fit close to the breast. In such cases, the cup may stick out and undulate unsightly, which is especially noticeable on clothes.

If you already know how to choose a bra size, what to pay attention to when taking the measure, and what mistakes not to make, then be sure to check out our offer. The women's underwear available on our shopping platform is made of high-quality materials and is available in many sizes. Among the numerous proposals there are, among others, strapless bras and push-up bras.