Bodysuit - how to choose the right size?

Bodysuit - how to choose the right size?

Bodysuit can be used as underwear or an element of styling everyday outfit. What body to choose for different occasions ? We will tell you more about this garment in the article. First of all, however, we will tell you how to wear a body and what size to choose to take advantage of its advantages.

What is it and where did the body come from?

Originally, the bodysuit was a sports outfit that was used by ballerinas and gymnasts since the 19th century. It allowed for the free performance of acrobatic figures and did not restrict movements. The world of fashion discovered them in the 1950s, and they were popularized by supermodels from the 1990s. 

Women's bodysuit is a one-piece garment, somewhat reminiscent of a swimsuit . They are put on over the head and connected in the crotch with clasps or other type of clasp. It can be treated as a type of underwear, but also as everyday outerwear for various styles. Women's body covers the entire waist, thanks to which it shapes and slims the figure.

Types of bodysuits

Body has many uses. First of all, they can be worn as elegant underwear. The main ones here are lace bodysuits, but also ones made of cotton, tulle or knitwear. They can also be used as sleeping attire. We have a choice of women's bodysuits with straps or bodysuits with belts. They are perfect for evening outings, parties or dates. A large selection of styles means that each of the ladies will find something for themselves.

On the other hand, a body with long sleeves or short  sleeves can successfully replace a blouse blouse in everyday clothes. Thanks to the fitting to the figure and fastening, it does not wrinkle and does not protrude from under pants or a skirt, ensuring an impeccable look all day long. It is a good choice especially on cold days, because the tight-fitting body protects the back against the cold.

How to choose the body size?

The body sizes are given as standard from XS to L and its multiples. How to choose a bodysuit to feel comfortable in it? Before buying a body, it is best to try it on and check that you have freedom of movement and that it fits tightly. The material from which it is made should include elastane, ensuring the correct laying of the underwear.

Lace bodysuit should lie on us like a second skin. You should also pay attention to whether it has underwires at the breasts and whether they are our size. 
A well-chosen size makes the body:

  • does not oppress,
  • does not wrinkle around the armpits or thighs,
  • is easy to unfasten and fasten,
  • does not cut into the crotch,
  • the cups of a bra hug and support the entire breast.

How to wear a bodysuit?

The body fits every woman, regardless of age or figure, as underwear or a blouse. They can be combined with sweaters, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. Fits all types of pants or skirts. Pencil or flared ones will look good with classic bodies and decorated frills. Under the body treated as a blouseunderwear is additionally put on, which is not necessary when it itself serves as underwear.

Bodysuit is a universal piece of clothing in which you can feel festive and feminine. Women's lingerie online is the address where you will find a large selection.