Lingerie for Valentine's Day - what to choose?

Lingerie for Valentine's Day - what to choose?

Buying lingerie for Valentine's Day will always be a good gift idea. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of choosing from a variety of styles, patterns and colors - don't worry - you are not alone! Many men, despite their good intentions, may have problems choosing the right underwear. However, here we come to help. In this article, we will help you choose the best underwear for your [partner. Read carefully - unless you want to fail.

Where to start?

1. Find out what size he is wearing

One of the most important parts of lingerie shopping for your partner is knowing the exact size. Do it very scrupulously, because there is nothing worse than buying too much or too little underwear. If she wears a size 38 and you buy her a size 42, you'll be in trouble before your Valentine's Day night begins. Make sure you know its exact size. Check her cupboard and chest of drawers, check the underwear she wears the most and loves. Thanks to this, you can be sure that when shopping you choose models that will fit like a glove.

2. Find out about her preferences

Once you poke around in her wardrobe, try to pay attention to the type of underwear she likes to wear. While there is nothing wrong with ordering her something that you would like to see on it, you will get a lot more recognition if you choose models that are to her taste and in which she will feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy. Does she wear skimpy thongs more often, or does she choose a bit more covering models? Are her bras and panties bright and colorful, or are they mostly black? Do you see a lot of lace or just plain cotton? Pay attention to as many details as possible and draw accurate conclusions. We guarantee - all this to make your life easier. Also remember that this is a gift for her (supposedly) and you want her to be happy with it.

3. Prepare your wallet

Once you have all the necessary information to actually start shopping, prepare emotionally to spend at least 30 GBP on two small pieces of fabric. It may sound brutal, but we want to emphasize that good underwear is not cheap. At Pelie, the price of all our products is adequate to their quality. Of course, you can buy a bra and a set of panties from a cheap boutique for less than 15 GBP, but - trust us - your partner will surely feel its poor quality. If you want your partner to feel special, don't hesitate to invest in a gift - no one loves misers!

Which bra model should you choose?

Bra with a deep neckline

This design is lightly lined to accentuate the silhouette, fits a variety of sizes and comes in a range of colors, making it the perfect find for everyone. It will beautifully emphasize the shapes and make the woman feel seductive and sexy. It is a great choice for both women with smaller breasts and those with plus size breasts. Our offer includes a lace bra with a cut-out, a lace bra with an openwork pattern, a classic lace bra and many others that will work just for women with this type of expectation.

Underwired lace bra

This cut is tight, comfy and sexy, especially when paired with tight fit. What attracts attention to this type of models is a long additional line of material on the bra, which not only provides additional support, but also stimulates the senses. This choice will be great for women with larger breasts. The underwire provides additional support, and the corset-like cut will beautifully emphasize the figure. At Pelie you will find a unique bra with stripes on the neckline, a corset bra or a lace bra. Check for yourself what else we have in our offer. Surprise your woman with a beautiful and sexy Valentine's Day gift.

Contrast push-up lace underwear

This type of underwear will be perfect if you know that your partner likes to experiment, and thus feel beautiful and sexy. it is a choice for brave and self-confident women. If you want to surprise her, choose vivid colors and unusual patterns. In this case, numerous laces, embroideries, translucent materials and non-standard patterns will also work great. While some women like to mix and match different parts of their underwear, others prefer to look for matching sets, corsets and bodysuits. Think about what your partner might want. In our offer you will find a whole lot of different proposals, including a lace push-up bra, a push-up bra with cubic zirconia or something from the whole sets. Check out a set of evening underwear or tulle evening underwear with embroidery.

Valentine's Day gift for the other half

We guarantee that every woman will be satisfied with good-quality underwear. As a man, you must be aware that in women's wardrobe, beautiful and sexy lingerie is not only intended for special occasions. every woman wants to feel beautiful and good