Harness is one of the bold solutions that are perfect for women looking for a stronger experience in the bedroom. What is women's harness really? These are straps connected in a kind of harness that are attached to the underwear. They make an amazing impression, enhancing the sensuality and feminine grace. They emphasize the female figure and sex appeal. We offer harness for a bra and panties. If you are ready for a bold look in the bedroom, be sure to order harness from our store!

      Harness - do you dare?

      By putting on harness on underwear, you will surely make an amazing impression on your partner. Harness will perfectly fit your body and make you feel bold and sexy. The straps allow you to freely adjust them and adapt them to your needs. Harness harness is flexible and comfortable. Stimulate your and your partner's senses and give yourself a claw! Don't let boredom come to your bedroom and add variety to it. This is a bit of madness worth opting for!

      High-class underwear

      Online women's underwear from the Pelie store is made of high-quality fabrics, which is why it works so well in everyday use. They are available from us, among others panties, stockings, corsets and bodysuits. Our offer also includes accessories, such as harness, that will change your life in the bedroom! Our online store is distinguished by a wide range and attractive prices. Professional and courteous service provides advice on the purchase and responds to all inquiries related to the offer. We cordially invite you to shop with us and, if necessary, contact us by e-mail or telephone. In addition, we provide free shipping to the address provided. Do not wait and decide to buy from us today!