Underwear for various occasions

Underwear for various occasions

Underwear is incredibly powerful and can make women feel and see in a completely different way. There is nothing more satisfying than opening your wardrobe and choosing the right underwear. By asking yourself "How do I want to feel today? More sexy, comfortable, romantic or practical?"

What do women consider when buying lingerie?

When a woman buys a new lingerie, she usually takes into account one key aspect - make it universal and perfect for any occasion. However, it cannot be denied that in the wardrobe of most women, there will certainly be more than one "unique" set of underwear. So what do women really consider when shopping?

Underwear for special occasions

Most women use their cutest and latest bras for special and special moments, such as going out with a partner or friends. Women looking for sexy lingerie pay more attention mainly to the figure: bras, bralettes and mesh bodysuits. This is due to the fact that sexy lingerie allows women to feel young and feminine. Thanks to properly selected underwear, every woman can take care of herself at any moment of life, regardless of age. Additionally, colors such as black, red and wine are the most popular choice when shopping for sexy lingerie.

Sports underwear

On the other hand, many surveys also show that women make similar choices about sports and exercise underwear. Most of them wear exercise bras, while some previously have a bad habit of using "older" bras for this purpose. We conclude that this occasion is perfect to discover more vivid colors, different back and shoulder patterns and special details.

Tendencies of many women - buying underwear

It is also undeniable that if a woman likes a particular bra model that she has already bought, she will buy the same one in a different color or a very similar one. If you were to look into the wardrobe of one of the many women, most likely most of the underwear would be of one style: all with inserts, all plain, all lace, or even, all identical, but in different colors. Women tend to get attached to certain clothes and become too stubborn, especially when it comes to buying new lingerie.

Pelie - Underwear for various occasions

At Pelie, we want to emphasize that underwear has extraordinary power. The assortment of our store includes many models of underwear, for many occasions. Our mission is to convince women to experiment with different models, cuts and colors. We are aware that properly selected lingerie can definitely affect the mood and self-esteem of every woman.

Regardless of the day, underwear must be such that you feel good in it. However, there are times when every woman wants to look beautiful, sexy and feel like she's wearing second skin. that's what Pelie's lingerie is all about. For what occasions you can find underwear in our store. Our assortment definitely leaves a lot of room to show off.

Underwear for the bedroom

What is more intimate and sensual than the touch of silk and lace on your skin? Bedroom linen can be a great way to create the mood for that special someone, but it doesn't have to stop there. It can also make you feel like a goddess or innocent seductress (or both!) In your daily life. A set of underwear with translucent embroidery, a sexy cotton set, an open-back bra, decide for yourself what you will feel best in. With so many different options, you're sure to find something delightful!

Underwear around the house

There are times when you feel lazy and just want to lie at home in something comfortable. In this case, it is important to have the most comfortable underwear in your wardrobe that you simply don't feel. A properly selected model will make aging even more enjoyable. Regardless of whether you are looking for underwear to relax at home with your loved one or you just need extra comfort, we have many suggestions for you!

Sports underwear

The cult of the body and beautiful appearance is not surprising nowadays. Every woman is unique, but how she emphasizes it depends on the choice of lingerie. Sports bras are an integral part of your training. Every woman, regardless of whether she is practicing yoga or strength training runners, needs appropriate support. A sports bra that properly supports the bust can significantly affect the quality of training. Convenience, comfort and quality above all. this is what we are guided by in the selection of the assortment.

Remember that underwear is not for the eyes of others, but only for you. This is exactly the approach we have at Pelie. We value the comfort of each of our clients, we care about the satisfaction of many women. Take care of yourself and make yourself the most beautiful set of underwear you have ever had