Types of women's panties

Types of women's panties

Browsing the manufacturers' websites, you can easily find various types of women's panties - from classic briefs to thongs and hipsters. They differ not only in the cut, but also in the characteristic accessories for which they are loved by women all over the world. If you want to know what the popular and basic types of panties are, read this article.

What to look for when choosing panties?

The varieties and types of women's panties are numerous - and for good reason! Underwear is tailored to specific outfits as well as for special occasions. Lace thongs will pass the test much better during a romantic evening , and slimming underwear will make even a tight skirt look good during the meeting - right? The type of figure and well-being are also important! Check for yourself what is definitely worth having in your wardrobe!

Seamless panties for special tasks

The types of women's panties vary. When replacing them, it is certainly worth starting with seamless models, which have been enjoying unflagging popularity since 1997. Thanks to the laser cut and the shoulder of the stitching, they perfectly adhere to the skin. Seamless women's panties are a real revolution in the world of fashion. These types of panties are almost invisible - even under a very tight skirt. They can be in the form of classic briefs and thongs!

Briefs - a timeless classic

The types of women's panties and the names are often little known. However, this does not apply to the timeless figs that are loved by women of all ages. Classic Briefs:

  • cover most of the buttocks,
  • have a slightly elevated state,
  • they look great on any type of figure.

Over time, various types of women's briefs were also created. They can be both smooth and lace, have additional decorations or alluring cutouts. That is why women's Briefs should always be in a women's wardrobe.

Comfortable and sensual thong

Thongs are undoubtedly sexy panties for special occasions. This type of panties is very tight. Their characteristic feature is a narrow stripe between the buttocks, as well as a triangular scrap of material at the front. Such women's underwear - which can be purchased stationary and online - is very comfortable to wear. It is not surprising then that women's thong panties are owned by women all over the world.

High-waisted panties

When listing the types of women's panties, it is impossible to ignore those with a high waist. Due to its cut:

  • They can be corrective - in this form, women's high-waisted pantiesare not only comfortable to wear, but also allow you to quickly cover unwanted folds. They effectively model the figure, which is why they are eagerly worn on a daily basis as well as for evening outings, 
  • It can be an attractive proposition for romantic evenings. The names and types of women's panties vary - it is no different with high-waisted underwear! Instead of a corrective function, the belt of this type of panties can be lace or enriched with a thin mesh with subtle embroidery, emphasizing the waistline. 

Lace panties for all occasions

As you can see, the types of women's panties and their names are different . Even classic briefs have their own varieties, e.g. hipsters (with a wider waistband) - thongs can be distinguished among thongs (they have a wider stripe between the buttocks). Regardless of the name and type of women's panties, however , lace models always catch the eye of women . They come in the above-mentioned cuts, are comfortable, and look very sensual against the skin. Women put them on to feel special and for special occasions. No wonder then that women's lace panties are included in virtually every lingerie purchase.

In the above entry, we presented the most popular and well-known women's panties and listed their names in English. As an online shopping platform, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, where the above-mentioned women's underwear is available online. It is available in many cuts, colors, sizes, as well as competitive and affordable prices.