How to choose a swimsuit to the figure?

How to choose a swimsuit to the figure?

Do you like swimming, sunbathing and you are looking forward to the summer? Or maybe you are planning a holiday trip? Check, therefore, how to choose a swimsuit to your figure, so that it deftly emphasizes your strengths and, in addition, effectively covers all imperfections. Currently, women's swimwear tempts with attractive colors and accessories in the form of subtle accessories or stitching. Check what you should pay attention to when buying!

Column silhouette - choose outfits with interesting cuts

How to choose a swimsuit for a column figure? Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult! Ladies with such a body build are usually tall and slim. They also often do not have large breasts, so they can freely experiment with different cuts. In this case, we say YES to frills, decorative strings and applications. Ladies with such a figure will also look phenomenal in clothes with expressive patterns, such as the vertical stripes popular this season.

Apple shape - emphasize the back and shapely legs

One-piece swimsuits are an ideal proposition for ladies who can boast an apple-shaped figure. They are most attractive in decorative cuts with accessories at the height of the bust - delicate frills and fashionable ruffles effectively mask the lack of a waist. It is also worth choosing cuts that reveal the back. How to choose a two-piece swimsuit for an apple figure? Nothing easier! It is enough to decide on an outfit whose lower part has a high waist.

Pear silhouette - emphasize your feminine strengths

How to choose a swimsuit to the figure of a pear, so that it neatly equalizes the disproportions that occur between delicate shoulders and wide hips? It is enough to put on the cuts that, with the accompaniment of frills and wide straps, will allow you to emphasize the bust. This element, in combination with a neatly cut bottom (optically lengthening the legs) will certainly cause a WOW effect.

Hourglass silhouette - wearing comfort is essential!

Prominent breasts and hips with a similar circumference, and a concave waist? These are definitely the attributes of an hourglass silhouette. How to choose a swimsuit for this type of figure? Certainly, in the first place, you should focus on full wearing comfort, which is especially taken care of by modern manufacturers. Ladies with such shapes will therefore like the stiffened top - not only does it provide adequate support, but also allows you to emphasize the curves. The bottom in such sets, depending on your taste, can be characterized by a high waist or neat ties on the sides.

How to choose a body-fitting bathing suit in this category so that it does not emphasize such a roundness? This question is often asked by ladies who do not want to emphasize their strengths so much. In this case, you should opt for asymmetrical cuts, as well as those that will draw attention to the exposed back and neckline.

How to choose the right swimsuit for the bust?

A properly selected swimsuit should fulfill several basic functions. First of all, it must be:

  • comfortable to wear,
  • adjusted to a given type of figure,
  • tailored to the needs of each woman.

Let us focus here on the last point. How to choose a one-piece and two-piece swimsuit to emphasize the bust in the right way? This is an extremely complex question, but there are some guidelines that are definitely worth considering:

  • in the case of asymmetrical breasts, you should choose bathing suits that will not only enlarge the bust, but also allow you to collect it inside. Models in which cups can be placed with special inserts will also work great in this case,
  • in the case of heavy breasts, the choice should fall on swimwear that will provide adequate support. Models reinforced with underwires will work great here,
  • in the case of widely spaced breasts, you should look for costumes whose top will allow you to gather it neatly inside. Therefore, in this case, it is worth focusing on models where the underwires take the shape of the letter C.

We hope that thanks to this post you already know how to choose a bathing suit for your figure. As a Pelie purchasing platform, we recommend fashionable women's swimwear , including plus size swimwear from well-known manufacturers. Our assortment also includes women's underwear in many cuts and colors.